NEW ViSalus Product: Vi Crunch Cereal

Vi Crunch Cereal New ViSalus Product: Vi Crunch Cereal

The company behind the 90-Day Challenge and the Vi-Shape Shake is now bringing something completely NEW to the table.   Introducing Vi Crunch — a protein super cereal! Learn all about your Challenge goal in a bowl.

I have had countless customers tell me that even though they LOVE the Vi Shakes they really do miss having cereal for breakfast.  Now, you can have your Shake and CRUNCH it too!

Love the Vi Shake? You’re gonna love Vi Crunch Cereal

Vi Crunch puts your Challenge goals in a bowl with the same amount of 12 grams of protein and 5 grams of prebiotic fiber that’s found in your Vi-Shape Shake! Combining our delicious Sweet Cream flavor with almond slices and added crunch, now you can chew your Challenge!

Vi Crunch combines our proprietary Fi-Sorb™ protein blend, an excellent source of fiber with prebiotics, and grape seed and rosemary antioxidants in a low fat, low sodium and no cholesterol formula that is healthy for you! Vi Crunch contains no artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives, and is friendly for vegetarians as well as those watching their sugar intake.

Five Proteins in Vi Crunch Cereal

Fi-Sorb contains FIVE proteins that work together to to maximize your results!

  • Oat Bran
    Rich in vitamins and fiber, oat bran not only can help with hunger control, but can also improve endurance performance during training, and accelerate post-exercise recovery.
  • Whey Protein
    Derived from milk, whey is the body builder protein of choice. It also provides hunger control and muscle health supporting benefits.
  • Whey Concentrate
    A second potent source of Whey protein to increase muscle metabolism, which can also help those trying to reduce body fat.
  • Brown Rice Protein
    The easy to digest Brown Rice Protein found in Vi Crunch can help decrease fat mass, and increase lean body mass, power, and strength.
  • Milk Protein Concentrate
    Processed to remove lactose, carbs, and fats this protein supports bone health and can help slow muscle loss as you age.

Five Grams of Prebiotic Fiber in Vi Crunch Cereal

Vi Crunch™ is a true super cereal because it not only packs great protein, but also provides 5 grams of prebiotic fiber per serving.
This fiber helps support immune function, digestive health, heart health, mineral and calcium absorption and hunger control!

Adding Vi Crunch Cereal to your diet with Vi-Shake will give you the added benefits of two unique sources of fiber.

Vi Crunch Cereal Nutrition Comparisons

How does Vi Crunch Cereal stack up against the competitors?

Vi Crunch Comparison

Vi Crunch Cereal Cost Comparison

But the bottom line is… how does it compare in cost to other popular breakfast choices?  Just like our nutritious Vi Shake, the Vi Crunch Cereal breakfast choice makes good sense.

At only $3.14 per serving it’s not only more nutritious, but healthier for your wallet than breakfast on the go from McDonald’s or Starbucks!

Vi Crunch Fusions – mix it up!

ViSalus has added to great flavor mix-ins that you can use with your Vi Crunch Cereal or even just alone as a snack! Each has its own nutritious benefits.

  • Chocolate Macadamia Granola – Indulgent chocolate flavored granola with green coffee bean extract. 
  • Tri-Berry Puffs – Naturally flavored strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and yogurt powder coated rice puffs.

You can sprinkle these on your cereal, yogurt or even your shake to support your Body by Vi Challenge Goals!

Order your Vi Crunch Cereal

Ready to get started?   Add a Crunch Combo Pack to your Challenge Kit order and never worry about running out.  With the Combo Pack you’ll receive the Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal and BOTH delicious flavors of Vi Crunch Fusions.

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY – Take advantage of special Pre-Launch Pricing AND Free Shipping on special Crunch Combo Packs. All you need to do is make sure you have a Challenge Kit order on Auto-Ship, and you can order today!

Combo Pack is available in your choice of either 2-week or 4-week supply!  Order yours today at

Get FREE SHIPPING by placing your Pre-Launch order Now!

Get your Vi Crunch for FREE

Even better, you can get your Crunch Combo Pack Free!  If you have a personal Challenge Kit order on Auto-Ship, you can order either a 2-Week or a 4-Week Crunch Combo Pack.  Then help at least 3 people get a Crunch Combo Pack of equal or greater value to your own, and your next Crunch Combo Pack is FREE!   Get started by ordering yours today at

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