A Simple Diet Plan – with Money-Back Guarantee

Visalus Body by Vi Before & After Are you looking for a SIMPLE Diet Plan?  Tired of all the promises that don’t create results?  Let me share with you a plan that not only has results, but gives you a 90-Day Money-Back Results Guarantee!  No rigid rules, strict menus, or expensive meals!

The Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge

The Body by Vi Challenge is MORE than a diet plan.  And it is very simple.  It’s a tool for helping you completely change your health for the better – resulting in weight loss, muscle retention, AND a healthier lifestyle!


At the core of the Body by Vi Challenge is our Vi-Shape nutritional shake mix.  This shake mix is designed to be mixed with milk or other beverage to create a flavorful, vitamin-packed meal replacement.

Simply mix up your shake, and replace breakfast and/or lunch depending on your goal.  Have a reasonable dinner, and expect results.  Now, some will say that sounds CRAZY – how could it ever work?   Here’s why:

The key to losing weight is reducing your calories.  Simple equation- you need to burn more calories than you consume.  Replacing a high calorie meal with a shake is the fastest way to cut calories.  The beauty of the Body by Vi shakes is that you REDUCE YOUR CALORIES simply, without a lot of extra work.  BUT – you NEED NUTRITION!

Nutrition is important

Protein Shake, Tape Measure, Meal Replacement

You can’t just cut calories without thinking about the nutrition your body needs.  If you don’t have proper nutrition your body metabolism can slow down, you won’t burn calories or fat, and you can feel very tired and sluggish among other problems.

The Body by Vi Shakes are packed with vitamins and nutrition your body needs to BURN FAT, and create energy.  Each serving has plenty of fiber to keep you full.

Variety is key

A common problem with many diet plans is that people get tired of having the same food meal after meal.  They end up feeling deprived so they finally “break” and eat whatever it is they’ve been craving and lose their momentum!  The Vi-Shakes combat this situation in a couple ways.

  1.  The shakes taste like cake mix – yes, its true!  So if you have a sweet tooth you are in luck!
  2. AND because the flavor is “neutral” you can use it as a base for hundreds of flavors!  In fact, there are hundreds of recipes right here on our site.  You will never get bored with all the variety!
  3. You can also use the shake mix in other nutritious recipes to make energy balls, cookies and other treats.

Save Money

The Body by Vi Challenge will actually SAVE you money, because an entire meal is less than $2.  Seriously!  It’s FASTER than fast food, HEALTHIER than fast food, and CHEAPER than fast food!  There is no comparison.  By replacing two meals a day with a healthy shake you will save money on groceries or eating out.  You don’t need to spend MORE money on a diet plan, simply redirect money you are already spending on food to your healthy Vi-Shakes and start seeing results!

Get Paid to Lose

Not only do we offer a 90-Day Money-Back Results Guarantee, but with the new PROJECT 10 you can actually Win $1000 for losing just 10 lbs!  ViSalus knows that the first 10 lbs are the hardest.  And once you see results you will be encouraged to continue your healthy lifestyle change.  So they are offering $10,000 to 10 people that lose 10 lbs every week in 2013!  What other company does that?

If you’re tired of trying things that just don’t work, try changing your health for the better TODAY – RISK FREE!

Need more information on delicious Vi-Shakes?  Contact me today!

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